Investment Management

CTA Financial investment management is a fee-based investment advisory program that is customized based on individual or family goals.  Each client receives these fundamental benefits:

  • Investments broadly diversified across multiple asset classes in order to reduce total risk while maximizing return
  • Professional portfolio managers screened and reviewed regularly
  • The lowest fee ETFs available in the market
  • A total portfolio constructed to meet the investment objectives and constraints of the client

Getting Started

Consultation: Every investment portfolio begins with a conversation with Chris Thorpe, Chartered Financial Analyst, who will work with you to identify your goals, financial needs and tolerance for risk.

Investment Policy Creation:  For a typical portfolio of equities, bonds and alternative assets, we review appropriate investment products and portfolio managers that fit individual, family or institutional goals. Typically this starts with the creation of an Investment Policy Statement “IPS”

Portfolio Construction:  Once an IPS is created, the target asset mix is filled with appropriate funds, investment products or portfolio managers that are the best fit for the asset group.  For example, one portfolio manager may be the best in picking international stocks.  CTA Financial will assist individuals choose best in class products, portfolio managers or products that fit the strategy.

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Execution and Monitoring:  For portfolios under $5 million, CTA Financial will act as an investment consultant for individuals using self directed brokerage accounts.  For portfolios over $5 million, we will monitor and manager outside asset managers and rebalance portfolios over time. Outside portfolio managers are continuously evaluated for performance and style drift to ensure the strategy remains in accordance with the clients goals.

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