Hedging And Risk Management Advisory

We have advised energy hedgers for more than 20 years ranging from oil and gas producers to fuel hedgers on land, sea and in the air.

Hedging Disasters and How To Avoid Them:  Download Here

Hedging Policy: Every hedger should have a written policy and strategy that serves to clarify hedging goals and limits as well as the role of traders, advisors, trading counterparties and financial partners.  Strict limits and clear roles ensure mistakes are avoided and errors are caught early.

Implementing Strategy:  We assist in implementing hedge strategy, creating new or modifying or reviewing tactical hedging choices.  Advisory contracts can be short term for project analysis or longer term for execution and rebalancing your portfolio.

Execution and Monitoring:  While smaller companies can manage with a spreadsheet, more complex hedging programs may benefit from specific software packages that assist in managing and accounting for hedging positions.

Are you using hedging best practices?  Review the Checklist HERE.

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