Get Essential Tools For Divorce Financial Planning

If you are getting divorced, assets and investments need to be split so you can move on in your financial life.  You will need to do a fair valuation of all your joint assets.

Here are the steps we take:

  1. Complete a full fair valuation of all shared assets and the cost of liquidation.
  2. Assess the facts and provide you and your attorney with the tools you need to negotiate. Additional analysis can be used to assist in settlement negotiations to ensure your best financial outcome.

  3. Map your next steps and financial strategy for the future.  Once your divorce is complete you will need to redeploy investments according to your own new situation.

Working with a Chartered Financial Analyst at CTA Financial ensures that you will not only receive a thorough review of your current investments and assets, but more importantly, our analysts will assist you you in mapping out a sound and beneficial financial strategy for your future.

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