Fuel Hedging 101


Risk Management:  Options and swaps strategies are often useful tools to mitigate risk in certain market conditions or when positions cannot be liquidated for tax reasons.  CTA Financial can evaluate options and other derivative strategies to suit portfolio or particular position exposure.

Commodity derivatives: Commodity futures, swaps and options can be executed by CTA Financial and posted for clearing through a clients FCM normally through electronic clearing.  Alternatively, CTA Financial can work with a clients Introducing Broker.  We will work with clients on hedging strategies to address changing business conditions and changing market conditions

Hedging, Trading and Execution:  Whether it be hedging fuel or investing in commodities through futures or Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), a clear and consistent strategy must be employed and executed. CTA Financial will provide execution and risk management.

Foreign exchange: Foreign exchange accounts are introduced for commercial accounts only and are subject to approval.  CTA Financial purely acts as a sales agent for INTL Global Currencies and all execution is done directly between the client and INTL Currency trading desks.   However, CTA Financial can advise on FX hedging tools and strategies.