Financial Checklist For Women Preparing For Separation Or Divorce in Canada

Working through the process of asset splitting is hard work.  It almost never can be done equitably between spouses.  Women should have their own financial advisors or consultants and should not rely on their partners biased financial advice.shutterstock_435573238

A lawyer can only help so much when it comes to financial strategy.  At a certain point you need a qualified third party to help value assets for splitting, assist in a new financial plan and create a strategy to get back on track.

We advise clients in Canada* on asset valuation and strategic investment planning pre and post divorce.

Review this checklist now and see if you are prepared. 

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*Chris Thorpe, CFA is a BC born and raised Canadian living in New York for the past 17 years.  He has advised families on asset management and wealth management pre and post divorce cases on both sides of the border.