Creating your Investment Policy Statement (IPS)

Recommended Reading

Risk Is An Asset: Turning Commodity Price Uncertainty Into A Strategic Advantage BN ID: 2940162955566 Publisher: ForbesBooks Publication date: 08/11/2020 Windfall.  How the new energy abundance upends global politics and strengthens America's power. Publisher: Simon & Schuster (September 2018) ISBN13: 9781501107948 Energy Myth and Realities: Bringing Science to the Energy Policy Debate … Continue reading Recommended Reading

Learn Hedging in South Beach?

This half-day seminar will provide attendees with an overview of hedging tools and risk management in the oil markets, with particular emphasis on introductory swaps and options used in the oil trading business. The event will focus on the fundamentals of hedging using futures, options and swaps to provide delegates with a background in the … Continue reading Learn Hedging in South Beach?