Learn Hedging in South Beach?

This half-day seminar will provide attendees with an overview of hedging tools and risk management in the oil markets, with particular emphasis on introductory swaps and options used in the oil trading business. The event will focus on the fundamentals of hedging using futures, options and swaps to provide delegates with a background in the [...]

Could “the end” be near?

As I watched a CBS 60 Minutes piece this week focused on the economic stress in west Texas I was reminded of a similar scene 20 years ago when I lived in Dallas.  Oil was approaching $10 a barrel and the Economist went out on a limb suggesting $5 was near. Eventually recanting, the Economist was [...]

Falling oil prices a mixed blessing

Falling commodity prices, including oil are a mixed blessing for the market.  Among the winners are energy consumers meaning all businesses and individuals.  Lower electricity, heating and transportation costs translate right to the bottom line of every consumer, for the better.   Though this seems to be a positive outcome of lower energy prices, many are [...]